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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Vertical colour image. The left one-third of the image has a white background with eight people visible about waist and up stacked about two-by-two from the bottom to almost the top. Above the top two heads, there is multi-coloured confetti. The other two-thirds of the image is of three people. About half of the right part, is blue sky with white clouds with text over. A bit below the text are the people – a woman on the left (brown hair, wearing a blue dress), a teenage girl in the middle (light brown hair, blue dress and black tights, tall black boots), and a man on the right (brown hair, navy blue suit jacket and pants, light blue button up shirt). Behind the three, is a white fence, buildings, and blue water. The woman on the left’s arm is pulled behind her where her hand is holding a white and blue cake one of the people on the left is holding. The document is within a black frame.      

Gold Circle Films; HBO Films; Playtone; Universal Pictures

Pickin’ Chicken 1984

Horizontal coloured ink wash painting. The top of the image has a blue sky with white clouds. In the middle of the image, is a white building. The building has two storeys and two sides are visible. The top of the building has a red stripe all the way across. On the front side, a bird sits near the left and two antennas on either side. The other side has a grey chimney reaching from the top of the first floor to the roof. The front side has two upper windows with red panels on the bottom and the other side has four windows with red panels as well. Below the windows are red overhang lights that hang over a yellow sign that stretches across both sides with the name of the restaurant and two chickens. On the other side of the building, there is a red sign with part of the restaurant name and another red sign above. On the front, there are two three-paneled windows with red frames on the first floor and on the other side, there is one three-paneled window with a white and red overhang and one one-paneled window. The other side also has two potted plants in front and a door on the edge. In front of the building are five white Volkswagen Beetles (four of which have a sign on the roof and red writing on the side) on grey pavement. To the left of the building, is a white wooden fence in front of a tree and a brown building. To the right of the building, is a set of tracks with a red and yellow streetcar coming around a curve with wires above and an electricity pole beside it. The painting is in a black frame.

D'Atri-Karpis, Sheila

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