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Art Photograph

Horizontal colour image. The top of the image is a dark blue/purple sky. The main part of the image is a rectangular grey four-storey building with multiple windows. On one side of the building, there is a protruding section with glass walls and staircases inside. The building is surrounded by lit light posts on both visible sides. On the right side of the building, there is also a line of lit lights on the wall. In front the building, is a grey sidewalk which is curved on the outer side with a green lawn beside it. At the bottom right corner, there is a grey triangle which appear to be stairs with some metal rails extending upwards. The image is held within a black frame.

Creek Above Lakeshore

Painted image on canvas. The painting is a nature scene depicting trees and a creek. On the left and right side of the image, there are tall trees. The trees on the left have leaves starting around their mid point. The tree on the right, does not have any leaves but has multiple branches sprouting out. The creek is the centre point of the painting. The creek reflects the colours around it (green, blue, white) and has more visible brush strokes. Along the top, a blue sky with a few white clouds can be seen. Below the blue sky and behind the creek, there are multiple trees with green leaves and some green grass. In the forefront of the picture, there is a diagonal tree with bright green leaves reaching from the lower left side towards the upper right. Around the diagonal tree and the trees on the side is green grass. Painting is held in a black frame.

Rice, Pat

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