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Fire Hose Reel

Metal fire hose reel composed on two spider reels connected via metal bars and spindle trunnion. A pipe is attached to the trunnion where a water hose can be attached. A series of pipe elbows are connected to the trunnion pipe leading to an attached water valve. The exterior of the outward-facing reel spider is painted red and displays an inscription about the item’s patent, inventor, and place of origin.

Montgomery, Beauchamp Henry


Silver metal radiator with a steam trap. The radiator has four rounded legs (two on each side) which slant outwards slightly and a circle near the end. The rest of the radiator is made of two horizontal metal pipes and eight vertical oval pipes spaced equally around the two horizontal pipes. Along the side of the vertical pipes, there is a metal seam which runs from top to bottom. On the left side, there is a slightly protruding circle at the top with a hexagon with a gold inner circle protruding out of it. Also on the left side, there is a slightly protruding circle at the bottom with a hexagon with a letter inside of it protruding out of it. On the right side, there is a slightly protruding circle at the top with a hexagon with a letter inside of it protruding out of it. Also on the right side, there is a slightly protruding circle at the bottom with a hexagon within and a steam trap protruding from the side. The steam trap is a darker silver. It is attached to the radiator through a pipe with a large hexagon at one end and the steam trap on the other. The body of the steam trap has a hexagon on top with text, a large oval sphere with a circular band across the middle, and a cylindrical pipe pointing down.



Silver metal spoon. At one end, there is an egg shaped bowl-like feature which creates a concave shape. One end of the egg-shaped dish is attached to a skinny metal rod. The rod is rectangular with a curved protrusion extending up from the rod from the end of the dish to the beginning of the handle. The handle at the other end of the rod is also egg shaped but curves smoothly to the rod so it does not have a tip. Within the hand there is a raised ridge a few millimeters from the edges starting on one end of the rod to the other. In the centre of the handle is a circular hole with a letter engraved below. On the back, above the hole, three letters are engraved.


Metal fork. One end of the object has a flat rounded handle which is larger at the top and narrows (teardrop shaped) as it goes towards a metal rod. The metal road is square and flat with the handle on one end and the other end leads to a rounded top with four points. Between the points there is equal space of points and not. The points are slightly rounded. On the back, in the middle of the rod, there is a line of text, and on the back of the handle there are two engraved letters.

Sandstone Brick

Light brown brick of sandstone. The bottom edge is mostly straight. The other edges are rough with the top being the most uneven. The front is smooth and flat but has a deep scratch and white marks. The back is a bit rough and uneven with spots of light brown dirt. The brick is in the shape of a rectangle, but one side is longer than the other, so the top side is diagonal.

Hospital Brick

Rectangular red brick. On the front, there is a rectangular indent surrounded by a rim on three of four sides. Within the indent, there are three clumps of grey concrete. Three of the sides are smooth and flat but the fourth (right) side is rough and partly diagonal. The back of the brick is mostly smooth and grey. 

Shoreline Brick

Oval beige stone. The item is mostly smooth with a light rough texture. The front of the stone has a brownish-red stain. On the front there is a triangular shaped indent which is more yellow in colour. The back of the stone is smooth.

Scotch EA-450 Labeler With Brail Dial

Black, silver, and beige braille labeler. At one end of the item, there is a plastic moveable round beige attachment with braille marks and letters. In the centre of the beige circle, there is a black circle with a rectangular hole near the side closest to the rest of the item. Below the beige round piece is a silver metal circle with a medal handle attached. The handle is rectangular and skinny with screw connecting pieces together (one by the beige attachment, and two near the end of the handle at the bottom). On the top and bottom of the handle, there are two black plastic pieces, the top one covers most of the handle and the bottom only covers about one-third in the centre. At the end of the handle, on the sides there is a silver rectangle imbedded with black text. On the bottom of the silver circle, there is a white sticker with lack text attached horizontally along the length of the handle.


Audiocassette Player

A black rectangular plastic cassette player. On the top, there is a black plastic piece embedded in the casing with three dials and some text. In the centre middle of the top, there is a clear plastic semi-oval piece with a black circle in the middle and a black plastic semi-oval piece below with white text and white text to the left of it. On one of the long side panels (side 1), it is completely black plastic. There is a fabric wrist strap attached on the right side, multiple buttons in a horizonal line in the centre, and a circular hole with a gold rod off centre to the left. Above the buttons are some white text. On the other long side panels (side 3), there is a silver metal piece attached to the black plastic. The silver metal has six buttons protruding out with different symbols on them and black text below, and black text on the right edge. To the left of the silver piece, within the black plastic is a rectangle of silver mesh. On one of the short side panels (side 2), it is black plastic with a black screw in the middle of the left side and an indented rectangle beside it on the right with lines of text. On the other short side panel (side 4), there a strip of different black plastic overlayed over the black plastic casing. On the strip, there is a sliding button, three silver rimmed holes, and a black spinning dial with white numbers on it. Below the button, holes, and dial, there is white text. On the bottom, there are two stickers on the top left corner around a hole with a black screw in it. Near the other three corners, there are also holes with black screws in as well. Around the left and top edges, there is a border of smooth black plastic. Along the bottom and left side, there are protruding rounded circle in vertical and horizonal rows. Off centre to the right, there is black plastic square inlayed with circular holes in vertical and horizontal lines. Near the right edge, there is a rectangular hole with a piece of black ribbon extending out of.      

General Electric

Scotch EA-300/400 Labeler

A rectangular white booklet of paper. The front has black text on the left side and a black and white image of a circular device with a rectangular handle. The back is white with a black line near the bottom with a few lines of text above and below the line. Inside, there are multiple images and lines of text. There are two metal staples in the centre.


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